Clothing Optional Pool

So what's this mean? It means that you can sunbathe in the nude and swim in the nude at the pool.

 What DOESN'T this mean?

For guests used to staying at some of the same-sex resorts in Palm Springs or other gay destinations it means that just because you are naked does not mean you can have sex wherever you wish. Yes, seriously.

We're more of a PG13 kinda place... with nakedness.

The resort grounds are open to all of our guests, every hour that they are open to any of our guests. This includes men, women, and yes, occasionally children. Many parts of the resort (including the pool) are visible from neighboring homes (and not just the ones along our property line).

What this means is that hooking up at the pool, barbecue or guest lounge is very cool. Taking your new lover to your room, cabin or tent is the appropriate location to consumate your new found lust. Day guests are invited to either rent a room (we do that here) or show a bit of maturity and take loverboy/girl home with you.

Pleeeeasssse do not put us in the position of having to come and speak with you about this... we will if we have to.

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