Who Are We? So Glad You Asked…

This bit is for the folks that want to know the Ken and Lynette ‘back story’. Who we are, why we’re (still) here and all that. If you aren’t interested, no worries. There isn’t going to be a quiz. Just a little about me (Lynette McLean) and my husband Ken McLean.

Ken and Lynette:

We have been owners since March 1995. The Resort might be considered a ‘mom & pop’ business except we don’t have kids (just a doggy – more later). Normally the ‘token’ straight couple at the resort. We have been hoteliers/hospitality/tourism professionals for a freakishly long time. Lynette: over 37 years; Ken over 30 years (yes. we’re old). We are originally from the Northwest: Ken’s from West Linn, OR (near Portland) and Lynette’s from Tacoma, WA. Usually warm, casual, generous with our time and knowledge, occasionally sarcastic and always wanting our visitors to have a wonderful time. Let’s be clear, by casual we mean that we’ll use your first name and ask you to use ours. We are available for hugs (welcome hugs, goodbye hugs, and the occasional I-had-a-lousy-day hug).

We’re also a little irreverent and try to have fun at work since we work 24/7 nearly 12 months a year (with a little time off for recharging our attitude). Most of our guests are repeat guests and over the years they have become our extended family. Ok, family we’ve seen naked at our pool. So maybe not like our actual family since, well… If you want a place that is more formal or polished – we’re probably not the place for you.

Our Evil Plan:  Convince guests to unplug their lives.

Step 1:  Create an atmosphere that encourages interpersonal communication. Persuade Cellular Service Providers to avoid placing cell towers in Guerneville. Just kidding – even though this seems true. And since you don’t have cell reception – go to Step 2.

Step 2:  Don’t put TV’s in all the rooms. Encourage people to talk to each other and spend time together.

Step 3:  Provide lots of lovely spaces to gather for conversation or communal activities. Enjoy group movie nights in the clubhouse – just ask and we’ll make you popcorn (the real stuff). Have a clubhouse with a comfortable space to enjoy breakfast that promotes conversation. Have lots of board games for guests to borrow, and a reasonably challenging puzzle to work on.

Step 4:  Create lots of indoor and outdoor spaces to sit and relax while socializing with other guests (or on your own).

  • Smoking Grove – nicely positioned in the middle of things but far enough away for the smoke not to bother anyone.
  • Barbecue Patio – Giant grill to share. Enough tables and chairs for several small groups to merge into a large party.
  • Cabin porches and Campsites – designed to provide privacy but allow interaction with other guests when desired.

Step 5: Wifi. Provide enough WiFi to allow everyone to fact check using Google, but not enough to stream hours and hours of video.

Step 6: Concierge Services. Provide suggestions for hiking, wine tasting, pretty drives, and excellent restaurants (all price ranges). Ask and we’ll think up something amazing for you to experience.


It is with sadness that we share the news that our wonderful doggy is no longer with us. She is remembered for her warm, affectionate nature and the quiet persistence and patience she showed every morning waiting for our guests to drop food on the floor during breakfast.