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2015 - Celebrating 20 years at Highlands Resort

We're Ken and Lynette McLean (yeah, we're the token straight couple at the resort) and we've owned Highlands since March 30, 1995. We love our life here. We both grew up in the Pacific Northwest. Ken was born and raised just outside of Portland, Oregon, and Lynette grew up in Tacoma, Washington (although technically she's a California girl having been born in San Pedro during her father's military service). We find this area to be a lot like "home" but with much better weather!

We both have hotel backgrounds and love being in the hospitality business. Having our own place, we try to focus on what we desire to find when we travel. We want to provide a comfortable place to stay that is part of the local community and that offers our guests the chance to connect to this gorgeous countryside. Experience for a few days the natural beauty, abundance of great food, fine wine and the endless opportunities to interact with nature. 

We believe in the virtue of "unplugging" life. Without the distraction of TV, the internet (and many cell phone providers) our guests are better able to interact with their companions and other guests, and learn to relax. Something that isn't always possible in the busy every-day lives we all lead. Doing without all the distractions opens up the opportunities of conversations and learning about ourselves and others. Days are longer and more relaxing, and tensions fall away.

This website reflects who we are and what we're trying to do with the resort. We're warm, generous, casual, occasionally sarcastic and we really want guests to have a nice time. However, if you find the website annoying, you probably won't like us either. It's ok. We know we can't be everything to every guest. We'll use your first name (and expect you to use ours), we hug and most of our guests have stayed with us before. Many guests make new friends during their stay (and occasionally we're the new friends!). We really try to provide a place that is more like staying in a friends guest cabin than staying in a hotel or motel.

We almost forgot our most important "innkeeper" - Olive. Olive will greet you when you arrive and play with you every chance she gets. She also likes to snuggle on the couch on movie nights. She's a Minature Schnauzer and regardless of what she may imply, she is not allowed any "people" food. She has a very sensitive tummy... a fact only remembered after eating something that disagrees with her.  

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