Highlands Resort did not flood. Ok, so you’ve seen the video footage of the floodwaters rising around Guerneville on February 27th and were afraid that your favorite resort (us) has washed out to sea. Well, we decided we like our location so we stayed put. Plus we’re up a hill and never flood.

Regarding Guerneville – we are very lucky that the water did NOT flood Main Street where most of our restaurants and bars are located. Actually, during the flood we took a walk and the Rainbow Cattle Co was open and serving drinks along with Trio (food & drinks) The power stayed on so we could all watch the video from the helicopters as they flew over the area giving us all an amazing view of where the water fills up our neighborhoods.

Fortunately 90% of the homes that flood, were raised above water years ago and so only about 10% of our residents lost more than the stuff they were storing under their homes. We also had a lot of advance notice and many of our friends and colleagues stored their cars and U-Haul vans at our resort. We don’t want to minimize the impact on folks from the flooding, but for our visitors – it’s important that you know that in another week (mid March) you won’t be able to see much damage as you drive to the ocean, redwood forest or go wine tasting…

The best way you can support the flood recovery is to COME AND STAY! All of our employees need their jobs and without visitors staying, shopping, wine tasting, eating and drinking – this will slow our recovery.Plans are already underway for fundraisers to help both businesses and residents with their recovery.