Clothing Optional Pool

Notice: Our personal Hot Tub is no longer available to be shared with our friends. After 40 years at the Resort, the County has required that the tub be removed.

Back to the bit about our Clothing Optional Pool… So what’s this mean? It means that you can sunbathe in the nude and swim in the nude at the pool. Or wear your swim suit. Whatever you’d like. You’ll want to bring a coverup (sarong/shorts/ stunning silk robe) for transiting from the pool to your cabin or the restroom in the guest lounge.

For guests used to staying at some of the same-sex resorts in Palm Springs or other gay destinations we’re a PG13 kinda place… with nakedness.

The resort grounds are open to all of our guests. This includes men, women, and very occasionally children (staying overnight). Many parts of the resort (including the pool) are visible from neighboring homes (and not just the ones along our property line). So to answer your question: no sexual activity outdoors. Ever. Not even on your birthday.

We also allow Day Use of our Pool and picnic area. Find out more here.