COVID-19 has changed everything – and we’ll get through this together.

We hope our guests all over the globe are healthy and safe. We miss you all. Like almost everyone, we are ‘Sheltering In Place’ and doing our very best to stay healthy. Our hearts break for everyone that has been affected by this virus. We appreciate all of the people that make it possible for us to stay safe. We promise to do our part to make sure that everyone’s sacrifices are worth it.

Here in Sonoma County, CA our local government is taking this all very seriously. We will follow local and state guidelines regarding when and how we will re-open. We expect that at some point in June* we’ll be allowed to reopen. If you are interested in whats open/allowed – check out California State COVID-19 Response. Until then we’re working on projects and planning for the future.

We’re not certain just what that will look like. We want to provide a relaxing and enjoyable vacation getaway while also allowing more physical distancing. Some considerations:

  • Room Cleaning – It’s gonna take longer. We may need to change our check-out and check-in times so the rooms can air out for a few hours between guests. Whenever possible rooms will remain vacant for 24 hours between guests (applies to all new reservations for 2020).
  • Housekeeping (service during your stay) – Our staff will NOT enter your room during your stay. You can still get fresh towels and supplies, but it will be a ‘touchless’ service.
  • Breakfast – We are looking at ways to continue to provide our freakishly tasty baked goods and granola (along with coffee, etc.). Maybe ‘to-go’ bags?
  • Pool Area – Loungers will be spaced out to allow for distancing and we will not allow day guests on weekends. We are looking at other areas of the resort that can be used for lounging (clothed) that would be away from the pool and allow more distancing. We are waiting for guidelines from our County Health Dept on what will be allowed.
  • Camping – We have closed half of our campsites to allow for better distancing. We plan to add a hot water heater for the outdoor sink in the campground to help with hand washing as well as an electrical outlet. Campers will NOT be able to access the restroom in the Clubhouse.
  • Day Guests – Unfortunately Day Use will NOT be available on weekends or holidays. We may be able to allow day guests midweek. Call and check before you come to visit.
  • Barbecue – We will have a sign-up sheet since the cooking area won’t be very shareable this summer. However the patio has plenty of space to enjoy and still be distancing. Sadly, we don’t see any way to hold our holiday potluck parties. We’re looking for alternatives so let us know if you have a suggestion.
  • Smokers – Our Redwood Grove is a little cozy for proper distancing. We will have an additional temporary area for our smokers to enjoy for this summer.
  • Office – Guest registration and concierge services will move outdoors for the summer. We’ll install an outdoor Registration Desk to help with distancing.
  • Clubhouse – Sadly, there isn’t enough space to allow proper distancing in our breakfast area and TV room. We have decided to close the clubhouse and restroom for the remainder of the year. Partly to keep guests healthy and partly to keep staff (ok, us) healthy. We are looking to provide other areas where guests can be social and maintain distancing outdoors. Maybe some outdoor movie nights provided we can source the needed equipment!
  • Reservations – We’re taking reservations! As Mom said – hope for the best and plan for the worst. We encourage guests to make reservations for stays this summer, fall and beyond. Hopefully, we’ll be allowed to reopen and if we can’t – well, we will call and let you know what’s going on 2-3 weeks in advance.
  • Other… What have we not yet thought about… (watch this space for updates!)

*Who really knows when we’ll be able to reopen? While restaurants and other businesses are slowly opening – Tourism is at the bottom of the list. The Shelter-In-Place (SIP) will have to be lifted so everyone can travel for Non-Essential reasons. And that will be towards the end of Phase 3 here in California. Optimistically – late June. Pessimistically – August or September. In case you’re wondering… we’re optimists.

Like all of you, this is all a big new world for us. We have no idea what’s gonna happen. We will do our best to provide a safe place for you to stay. We’ll probably screw up occasionally and we’ll definitely be fine-tuning all of the above as circumstances change. Spring (summer?) this year is beautiful and we can’t wait until you all return. Speaking of which… we are still taking reservations! (hint, hint)