We’re Open… Shelter – at – OUR – Place!

Covid-19 has changed everything and we ARE getting through this together. We have reopened and are welcoming guests once again. We hope our guests all over the globe are healthy and safe. We have missed you all. Our hearts break for everyone that has been affected by this virus. We appreciate all of the people that make it possible for us to stay safe and we promise to do our part to make sure that everyone’s sacrifices are worth it.

Here in Sonoma County, CA our local government is taking this all very seriously. We are following all local and state guidelines to provide a safe place for visitors. Some changes we’ve made (as of 7/27/20):

  • COVID-19 Best Practices – We follow all guidelines from the State of California for lodging. This includes:
    • Cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting guest rooms, common areas and frequently touched surfaces,
    • Requiring masks be worn by staff and guests (in public areas),
    • Staff training for Covid-19 cleaning & sanitizing procedures, masks, gloves and face shields worn at work as appropriate and daily health screenings.
    • Signs posted to inform and remind everyone entering the Resort of our local and state Department of Health’s directives.
  • Arrival and Departure 
    • Check-In: now 4pm to 9pm. Check-Out: now 11am. We have changed check-in and check-out in order to leave rooms empty for as long as possible both between guests and after housekeeping has finished cleaning and disinfecting. This normally means between 24 and 48 hours.
    • We no longer offer ‘early check-in’ or ‘late check-out’. When space permits, guests can relax at the pool while waiting to check-in.
    • Front Desk – We installed an outdoor Registration / Concierge Desk to minimize risk for everyone.
    • Floor markers are in place as reminders to distance while waiting for assistance.
  • Housekeeping –
    • Cleaning and Disinfecting – In addition to our normal cleaning routine, we have implemented a disinfecting/sanitizing routine for all guest rooms and public spaces.
    • Service during your stay – Our staff will NOT enter your room during your stay. You can still get fresh towels and supplies, but it will be a ‘touch-less’ service.
    • Guest rooms will remain vacant for 24 hours between guests (applies to reservations made after April 2020).
  • Breakfast – is now To-Go! We will have a pick-up window at the front office where you can place your order and take away a tray filled with goodies to enjoy.
  • Pool Area
    • Loungers are sanitized every morning and spaced out to allow for distancing (yep, we have chalk marks on the grass). Bring a sheet to lay on to avoid contact.
    • Face masks should be worn when less than 6 feet apart or when lounging in the pool. Masks are not required if you are excercising IN the pool. Only if lounging in the pool.
    • Pool use – 6-foot distancing is required. Bring your own pool toys (we will not have toys/floats available due to sanitary concerns).
    • Sanitizing Station stocked with hand sanitizer, disinfectant and cloth wipes is available for guest use.
  • Camping
    • Half of our campsites have been closed to allow better distancing. (Sites 21, 22, 26, 27 & 29 have been closed temporarily).
    • Campsite furniture will be sanitized/disinfected between guests.
    • The Campground sink now has hot water as well as an electrical outlet.
    • NOTE: Campers will NOT be able to access the restroom in the Clubhouse.
  • Day Guests and Your Visitors
    • Unfortunately Day Use is NOT available this summer.
    • No one other than registered overnight guests will be allowed at the pool.
    • If you have visitors we require that you provide their name and a contact number as well as answer our Health Screening questions.
  • Barbecue
    • Sign up for ‘grill time’ at the office or by text. Guests are asked to do food prep in their room and only use the grilling area to cook since the grill can’t be shared right now.
    • The patio has plenty of space to enjoy and still be distancing.
    • Sadly, we have canceled our holiday potluck parties.
  • Smokers
    • We now have two outdoor Redwood Groves for our smokers/vapers to enjoy.
    • Smokers must physically distance (6- feet)
    • Smokers are asked to be considerate of their fellow smokers and not monopolize the area.
  • Clubhouse
    • The clubhouse and indoor restroom are closed for the remainder of the year.
    • Guests can receive assistance at our outdoor front desk or by text.
  • Reservations – We’re taking reservations! We encourage guests to make reservations for stays this summer, fall and beyond.
  • Other… What have we not yet thought about… email us suggestions and watch this space for updates!

Like all of you, this is all a big new world for us. We have no idea what’s gonna happen. We will do our best to provide a safe place for you to stay. We’ll probably screw up occasionally and we’ll definitely be fine-tuning all of the above as circumstances change. Summer this year is beautiful and we can’t wait to see you!