Airports nearby

  • Sonoma County Airport (STS) – 25 minute drive from Guerneville. Easy with a good restaurant. Rental cars available.
  • San Francisco International (SFO) – 2 hour drive. Huge with all major airlines.
  • Oakland International (OAK) – 2 hours away. Slightly smaller and not usually as crowded.
  • Sacramento (SAC) – 2.5 hours away and worth considering if the price is right.

Driving directions to Highlands Resort

San Francisco

  • Take Highway 101 heading North.
    • Follow 101 through Santa Rosa
  • About 4 miles north of Santa Rosa, take the ‘River Road’ exit
    • (do NOT take Guerneville Road)
  • LEFT off the exit onto River Road.
    • Follow River Road for about 17 miles to Guerneville.
  • Guerneville:
    • At the second stop light turn RIGHT onto Armstrong Woods Road.
    • Go two VERY SHORT blocks and turn RIGHT on Woodland Drive.
    • About 1/8 mile up the hill.
      • Resort sign is on the left, then a clump of trees, and then our driveway.
      • Head up the driveway to the parking lot.
  • Total time: about an hour and a half in normal traffic.