General Information

    This is where we put the 'important' stuff for you to know (be sure to see our new 'smoking' policy).

    • Cabins and Suites with 2 beds can accommodate a maximum of 4 persons. Rates are based on 1-2 persons. There is a $25 extra person fee for the 3rd & 4th person(s). We do NOT have roll-away beds or cribs. (Yes, really and truly, we don't have them. Even if we did there would not be floor space for one in most of our units.)
    • Guests are welcome to arrive between 3pm and 10pm when the office closes. Please call ahead to arrange for a late arrival. Guests arriving between noon and 3pm may use the pool while waiting to check-in. Guests wishing to check-in to their accommodations prior to 3pm may, depending upon availability, do so for an additional charge - see Half Day Rates below. [Note: if you will be arriving prior to 3pm remember you will not have access to a refrigerator prior to 3pm.]
    • Half Day Rates: Occasionally we can acommodate arrivals prior to noon, or extremely late check-out. Check with us directly for more details as this is only arranged within 24 hours of the date desired and is at management's discretion and only in conjunction with overnight reservations. 
    • Check out is at noon. For a later check-out please contact the office prior to noon. Half-day rates (use of the unit until 6pm) can occasionally be arranged when available. Guest are welcome to use the resort until 6pm on their day of departure at no additional charge.
    • Rates include our version of a Continental Breakfast: Coffee, orange juice, tea, hot chocolate, our home made granola, tasty home baked treats (muffins or fruit breads), and fresh fruit.!
    • Minimum Stay:
    • We require a 2 night minimum stay on weekends (all year). Single night reservations can be made on the morning of the night you want to stay. Call after 9am.

      Special Event and Holiday weekends often have 3-5 night minimum stays. Holiday and event weekends are listed by month on our "Policies" page. Take a look and if you have any questions, give us a call!

      During July and August we have a 2 night minimum every day. We will begin taking single night reservations for Sunday through Thursday nights 30 days in advance.  This gives the folks looking for longer stays a little head start. 

      Vacations / 7 night Minimums: During the summer and early fall we'll hold about 25% of our rooms and cabins for folks looking to stay 7 or more nights. Just to be up front, yes, we play favorites. You want to stay 7 nights? Great, you're our new best friend! Mostly we do this because it's really easy for all of our weekends to be booked up and we hate to disappoint a new BFF with the news that we don't have space for their 2 week vacation.  We release the 7 night minimums about 10 days prior and start calling folks on our waiting list. We're happy to put you on our waiting list if you can't stay 7 nights.

  • We are an adult resort. Persons under age 18 must be under adult supervision (yes, that means you are right there with them) all the time. Persons under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • We are a SMOKE-FREE resort. Translated that means you can only smoke in the beautiful circle of redwood trees in the center of our front parking area. This area is furnished with tables, chairs, ashtrays and ambiance for your smoking pleasure. Smoking in any other part of the resort violates several Sonoma County (where we are) laws. Oh, and before you ask... this applies to ANYTHING vapor or smoked. Medicinal or not. It's all about second hand smoke, not the substance smoked. (Perhaps you'll want to look at the baked goods for your next trip.)
  • Quiet (as in peace and): Quiet hours are 10pm until 9am. We don't allow disruptive partying. We don't allow radios, CD players, iPods, etc. anywhere at the resort unless you are using earbuds. Basically, our returning guests come back because it's quiet and relaxing. We protect their interests. If you are looking for the disco ball party place, we are happy to make referrals.
  • Pool: Our pool is open and heated to 80o F from 8:30am to 10pm May 1 through September 30. The rest of the year the pool is available as a refreshing cold plunge. Many of our guests enjoy sunbathing around the pool and lawn area at all times of the year as our temperate climate produces balmy days in the low 70's even during January!
  • GROUP RESERVATIONS: We're glad you want to bring your friends. We can acommodate groups up to 8 persons. Larger groups tend to take over the resort and that lessens the quality of the experience for the rest of our guests. So we don't do it. We will consider renting the entire resort to a group during the winter only (November - March). We do not offer weddings or reception facilities. 
  • Forest creatures: We are in a heavily wooded area. There will be critters. Generally they mind their own business, stick to the outdoors and it all works out well. Occasionally we'll have visitors. Generally nobody likes sharing their room with a bug or spider and it doesn't happen often, but when it does the office will be happy to evict the offending party. We don't use pesticides as we want to encourage beneficial insects (butterflys and honeybees) and spiders are the good guys (unless they are hiding in my shower at which point all bets are off). Mosquitos: Not a huge problem, but we usually see them around cocktail time. We have spray at the office for those tasty folk in need. Final word: If you have a serious phobia about bugs you may wish to re-think your desire to come and stay in the countryside.

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