Pet Policy

We have three (3) pet-friendly cabins and a complete desctiption of each can be found on our acommodations page:  

  1. Cabin #1 is a Kitchenette Cabin.
  2. Cabin #5 is a Deluxe Studio Cabin.
  3. Cabin #6 is a Studio Cabin.

If you wish to bring your pet, you must book one of the above cabins and let us know in advance of your arrival. There is a pet fee (non-refundable) of $25 for your pet to stay (not a per night charge). We allow more than 1 pet per cabin and have some very basic rules:

1)   Pets must be well behaved. This means no barking incessantly and no unruly or threatening behavior towards other guests or their pets. If your doggie barks when you are not around you will need to take your pooch with you as we cannot allow your pet to disrupt the resort. There are doggy-day-care facilities about a 20 minute drive away. You might wish to look into them if you feel this might be an issue for your pet.

2)   Pets must be either on a leash or confined to the cabin or cabin's deck (we have pet gates).

*  Leashes need to be no longer than 6' and must be under your control.

*  Pets that escape require their owner to address the problem by an alternate means of confinement (bring your doggie crate). Sonoma County has a very strict leash law and you can only run your pet off-leash in designated dog parks. (we've got a list).

3)   Pets are not allowed within the pool area or In the Guest Lounge during breakfast.

4)    You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet and any damages caused by your pet. This would include damage to our gardens (many of our flowers cannot withstand dogs laying on them, running through them or digging, pooping or peeing). Please keep your pets on the pathways.


Pet Friendly Restaurants

Many of these have outdoor patios where your pooch is welcome:

  • Garden Grill (Guerneville)
  • Betty's Spaghetti (Guerneville)
  • Boon (Guerneville)
  • Village Inn & Restaurant (Monte Rio)
  • Cape Fear Cafe (Duncans Mills)
  • Coffee Bazaar (Guerneville)
  • Northwood Restaurant (near Guerneville)
  • Big Bottom Market (Guerneville)
  • Backyard (Forestville)
  • Twist (Forestville)
  • Russian River Pub (Forestville)
  • Andorno's Pizza (Guerneville)


Service Animals

We welcome all Service Animals that meet State and Federal ADA requirements. Local (Sonoma County) law requires all dogs (including service dogs) be leashed in public areas - which inclludes all areas at the resort.

Comfort, therapy or emotional support animals do not qualify as service animals under the ADA and would fall under our Pet Policy above.



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