Day Use

May 1st through October 31st!

Day guests have access to the pool (heated from May through September), bbq and picnic area.

Day use is from 10am and until 6pm. Evenings at the resort are reserved for our overnight guests.

What to bring? Bring a towel, something to wear (the whole resort is NOT clothing-optional), food, drink (no glass allowed), sunscreen, cash (no credit cards-sorry) and a good, friendly attitude.

What to leave home? Pets, children, I-pod (unless you bring ear-buds), cell phones (turn to vibrate) and the idea that just because we're clothing optional we allow sexual activity in our public spaces (pool, hot tub, etc.). If you are looking for a sex club... we're happy to make referrals although the closest would be about a 90 minute drive... Oh, and we're serious about the NO GLASS bit. Don't buy your beer in bottles. If you're bringing wine, decant it into something non-breakable. It's ok to bring a cooler, but it will have to stay in the office if you've got glass in it.

Maximum occupancy: PARKING: We only have a few parking spaces for our day guests and on busy summer weekends we may not have any parking available when the resort is full (street parking is available at the bottom of the hill on Armstrong Woods Road).

Rate: $15 per person on Saturday, Sunday and holidays/events; $10 Monday through Friday. Hours: 10am - 6pm. Available May 1 through October 30. CASH ONLY.

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